Laser cutting on metal: suitable to any field

Since its foundation, Ax Professional has been engaged in continuous research to provide you with the best, most convenient and technologically advanced solutions. We offer you our experience to study together the best laser cutting implementations in any field, as well as finishings and additional processing.

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Ax Professional Technologies

Through the use of latest generation equipment we perform:

Each of these processes can be applied to a wide range of materials and workable thicknesses.

We can easily work with large dimensions thanks to a work area of ​​1500 × 3000 mm and to fully automated loading and unloading systems. These allow the machines to work without needing constant control by the operator, with consequent costs reduction.

Costumer service

We offer you a complete service and support in the realization of your product, from design to delivery. From the beginning an expert and dynamic team of designers will take care of your product, who will follow you during the development of sampling and production, carried out by specialized operators. We also offer the possibility of completing your product with the manufacturings and surface finishes that will most enhance it, as well as a fast delivery.


Our mission is to always work to ensure total customer satisfaction, always maintaining the flexibility of production in order to complete even large orders.