Ax Professional is always engaged in the substance of the work, in the constant research of technical innovations to provide you the most economical and technological solutions. We study with you the best solutions for your business.

Ax Professional supports you in new projects, we can develop with you solutions that can put you ahead of your competitors. With us you can be unique in a difficult market that is governed by the law of the lowest price. Thanks to our technologies we can provide you products at lower and competitive prices without squeezing your margins.

Professional Ax has decided, in this new market, to turn your fixed costs in variable costs. In fact, we arranged our production so that you can use our machinery as if they were yours. Same speed, same flexibility and with costs that can be compared to yours.


What we do

We always CUT by LASER TAGLIO LASER that allow it with rapidity and professionalism.

componente_acciaio_foratoUnique details, samples or mass production for us it makes no difference. Laser cutting is fast, precision and cheap.



We also can permanently LASER ENGRAVE permanent codes or your particular drawings.



Thanks to our skills that we gained over the years, we can offer to you high quality services in order to produce metallic components at an affordable price.